Screw it, just do it

Hello World!

I am breaking my mind limiting pattern and taking up on writing blog.
I was putting the decision of writing blog on snooze for long time and was waiting for that ‘someday’ maybe moment. This is not my first blog, I had written about 3 to 4 blogs in last decade. 😀

Apart from taking the first step, i.e. The big decision on writing blog many people like me fall into various other traps of deciding.

  • Should I blog when I get inspired v/s blog as per routine schedule?
  • Should I stick to one topic and be guru v/s spread across all topics?
  • Should I adopt style of ‘all me’ (with errors and imperfection) v/s the book style (with proof reading)?
  • Should I write to gain traffic v/s write to express yourself?
  • Should I have one site v/s multiple sites for multiple me?
  • Should I bring out the new insights into the world v/s re-iterate the existing stuff?
  • Should I provide solution v/s expand the problem and its impact to world, blah, blah, blah?
  • Should I be bias and endorsing v/s independent and ready with the tall finger?
  • Should I be young and spat v/s old and classy?
  • Should I enable comments and face the long tail of discussion v/s spew out, comments disabled and have a peace of mind?
  • Should i be one who expand points like above into explanation paragraph v/s be blunt and be bang, people are intelligent and can chew there own food, they don’t need you to masticate it for them.

For all the above questions the answer is

‘Screw it, just do it’

I am sure that like me there are many others who have so many views, ideas opinions, conceptual points which are worth writing, reading which needs to be identified and appreciated.

Let’s blog

Expect one blog every month from me, but I will strive to make two every month.
Finally request for action, guys please add my blog to your RSS feed.

I will be writing only those things that you would like to read. 😉

I would be tagging on goals setting, project management, startups, landmark, life, productivity, android apps, email productivity, movies, mind map, GTD and recommendation, etc.

In the end I would like to thank Himanshu, Annkur, Yogesh and Amarendra for pushing me on writing blog.

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