Open letter to ET Power of Ideas

Ying Yang of ET Power of Idea

Yin Yang

Hello Power of Ideas team,

I am writing an open letter to you as an entrepreneur. The views and opinions expressed here are mine only.

Power of Ideas program was a phenomenal success last year, kudos to the team for making it a big hit.

The winning criteria were:

  1. It’s In-tray – About 22k + Business plans were received.
  2. Heavy promotion – With major news publishing house backing, the program was able to reach in each and every house; Introducing the concept of entrepreneurship, start-ups and investor funding.
  3. Heart stirring posters – Last year’s posters had a poetic effect, they were literally the beacons of entrepreneurial calling.
  4. Directory Listing – One shot place where listing of VCs, angel investors, govt. agencies made available.
  5. Interaction of people online – For partnering, ideas and service exchange.

With so much of value and benefit being provided, it is but obvious that more; if not so, same level of value and benefits are expected from Power of Ideas every year.

Few points which have been pinching me for quite some time in this year’s program are:

  1. Users have to register every year – This is like ‘Ghajini effect’ with amnesia for a period of 1 year. (sorry for strong comment but I am really disturbed by this)
    1. Users have to register again.
    2. Users have to Set up the details of their profile & upload their image again.
    3. While following this procedure lose all the last years friends made online through ET POI and create a new one again.
  2. No engagement throughout the year on the website – This program is like ‘burning man‘ event once it is over there is no one on the website, thus the rapport which was built up goes down the drain.
  3. Restriction on registration – The window of registration is kept open only till the B-plan final submission date, what about registrations during the program. Also there would be many like me who would like to register and prepare the B-plan for next year well in advance why can’t we register in advance on site?
  4. Interaction space for co-founding / partnering is missing – This year’s Interaction space for co-founder is totally missing, It might be because of restrictive registration for the participants because of which there is less no. of forum threads; Earlier power of ideas website was hub for entrepreneurs to discuss and meet offline so that partnering can happen among them .
  5. Interaction stream for service exchange is now dried out or missing.

Big Fan of Power of Idea

One Comment on “Open letter to ET Power of Ideas”

  1. So, let us be entrepreneurs and convert these problems into an opportunity – perhaps a new platform for round the year engagement, etc

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