Small hack for your chai-time page

Many of us read newspapers daily, and many of us (including me) like to rush to the cartoon strips and puzzle page; you find those on

  1. Chai-time page of the Mumbai mirror
  2. Must see must do page of Bombay times.
Chai - Time - Puzzle

Chai – Time – Puzzle

After we solve our puzzle usually we unfold the newspaper into 2 page and turn it up-side down like this to match our answers.

Invert newspaper

Invert newspaper

This act is quite a irksome; To top it off, if you are in a crowed train then flipping newspaper page is quite a challenge.

But, there is a nice little nifty hack which we can use once we have finished puzzle all we have to do is fold the bottom of the puzzle page  as shown here to see the answer.

Fold here

Fold here

Once you do that you get to see your puzzle as well as answer on the same view.

Final hack

Final hack

Enjoy this hack and share it with you friends.


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