Advert of Advance Email Productivity Workshop

Posters as seen in few of the colleges

Posters as seen in few of the colleges

Economic Times Ad for Email Productivity as in 31st July Page 12

Economic Times Ad for Email Productivity as on 31st July Page 12

Email Productivity skill for life time

When you reach to your office, you settle down at your desk and start your computer, what is the first thing that you do? Most of the people rush to their mail box. You are anxious and are anticipating, this is that time of the day when you are want to get reins of the work before the hardship of the day that would begin. The hour of the office is the time when you want to place yourself where the zone of productivity is and what would be better than your mail box. For today’s age mail box has become the portal of work the sacred gateway from where everything which is directed to you comes to you flying, be it information, decisions, commandments, delegation, gossip, advertisement for pills and what not.

Once you open your mail box, your eyes goes wide just by looking at the numbers of mails that has poured in, you get such a nasty punch in face that it takes a little moment to stop the reeling of head. A survey conducted by boomerang team suggested that on an average an email user gets 147 mails per day, this is including spam and that we spend 2 and half hour per day just on our mails.

Are you flooded with mails? Do you get so many mails that you are bog down by it. Have you missed deadlines on your mails? Then this is one workshop you wouldn’t want to miss. Conducted by trainer and professor Arun Kumar is well-known in improving work productivity. This course is ideal for those who deal with emails everyday and those who would have more than 50 mails laying in their inbox. This course teaches the techniques of handling mails, using effective habits and advance tool for productivity.

The workshop starts off with understanding what our current status quo is? what kind of relation do we have with our emails? What are our habits and behaviors?  He points out how our mail box is a counter for new mails, a basement for old stuff and at the same time a cooking bowl for all our pending work, no wonder we have such an intense feeling for our mail box. Your past, present, future all lies over here.  Just to imagine if we all our mails were to be converted to a paper document we did be blown out of the room.

This niche program is specially designed for you to get on top of your mails, many people think that they have been handling mails and there is nothing new to learn. But what they fail to understand is that they have been reading emails and leaving it there on the shelf, it was never processed hence it never got away. It got stuck with them and it still does in the mail box.

A first of its kind training where the participant are asked to bring the laptop, such that at-the-desk- coaching can be provided. Usually in most of the training program participants are taught at the class room and asked to practice at home or in office; but not here.  The final bench mark of email productivity is to clean and organize mails in mailbox to zero. This training teaches same with the use of free easy to use software tools; the forthcoming training session is in month of August click here to register for the same

Get the unfair advantage learn the email productivity skill for lifetime.

Small hack for your chai-time page

Many of us read newspapers daily, and many of us (including me) like to rush to the cartoon strips and puzzle page; you find those on

  1. Chai-time page of the Mumbai mirror
  2. Must see must do page of Bombay times.
Chai - Time - Puzzle

Chai – Time – Puzzle

After we solve our puzzle usually we unfold the newspaper into 2 page and turn it up-side down like this to match our answers.

Invert newspaper

Invert newspaper

This act is quite a irksome; To top it off, if you are in a crowed train then flipping newspaper page is quite a challenge.

But, there is a nice little nifty hack which we can use once we have finished puzzle all we have to do is fold the bottom of the puzzle page  as shown here to see the answer.

Fold here

Fold here

Once you do that you get to see your puzzle as well as answer on the same view.

Final hack

Final hack

Enjoy this hack and share it with you friends.